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  • What is The Roaming Speakeasy Co.?
    The Roaming Speakeasy Co. is a Division of The Roaming Catering Co. Our signature mobile bars offer a unique bartending experience for parties & events throughout the state of Maine. When servicing outside the state of Maine our service becomes a rental only.
  • Where are you located, and will you travel?"
    We are located just outside of Portland, Maine. We love a good road trip and are happy to travel to NH, MA, and VT. Heck we will go just about anywhere! Travel within 45 miles of Gorham, Maine carries no additional charge. Additional miles outside of this area will have a small travel fee per mile.
  • Does The Roaming Speakeasy have a Liquor License?
    Yes, we have a Maine State Catering Liquor License and can buy the alcohol for your event if it is within the state of Maine. With this we can host Open Bar, Cash Bars and Split Service options. The Roaming Catering Cos’ bar service can serve from one of our signature bars or at built in bars at amazing venues throughout the state.
  • Do you provide bartending services without the mobile speakeasy?
    Yes, absolutely! Although serving from our unique mobile bars is our specialty; our bartending team is available for all type of events without the trailer, especially during our cold Maine winters! Our full service packages (where we provided the alcohol) all include one of our signature bars; however, there are many venues with amazing built in bars that we love to serve from! 😊
  • Can we bring our own alcohol?
    Yes. When you provide the alcohol, our speakeasy is available to rent for your event. This would be a dry hire only. The cost to rent one of our unique mobile bars on a Saturday in peak season is $875. You can than hire a TIPS trained and insured bartender from your caterer or have another bar service/ venue serve from our little bar. We love having our industry friends step behind the bar.
  • My venue has their own liquor license, does that mean we can't use you?"
    While we cannot serve alcohol from our liquor license, your venue can serve from our little bar when you rent it from us. You would need to first inquire with the venue, but in this case you could rent one of our signature bars and have the venue and its bar staff serve their alcohol from our little horsebox or prosecco cart.
  • What type of events do you serve?
    ALL life’s events! Whether you are planning a wedding, bridal shower, birthday or corporate event, we will be there to provide a great bar experience for everyone. In addition to alcohol, we can also set up as a coffee bar, mocktail bar, dessert bar or anything you can dream up!
  • What are the technical requirements for the bar?
    Our horsebox bars are 11 feet long including the hitch, 7.5 wide and 8ft tall. We can fit just about anywhere outdoors and just need 8 ft clearance with a large overhead door to fit indoors. There are so many great spaces that we can pull our little bars inside.
  • How early should we book with you?
    As soon as possible! We offer a select amount of full service dates during our busy season. Those dates are listed under our availabilty section on this site. They will book quickly, especially for certain dates. Thats why we bulit more than one mobile bar! Due to the amount of inquiries we receive and the limited amount of Saturdays (May-Oct) we require non-refundable deposit to reserve one of the trailers on your date. This deposit will go towards your final payment.
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