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The Lemon Squeezy Speakeasy is a 1977 restored horsebox trailer. This beauty is a showstopper and adds a unique fun atmosphere to any event! 


She is  11 feet, able to fit into tighter spaces and has a beautiful copper interior with vintage light fixtures. She comes with a single tap kegerator, CO2 tank, and elegant trailer decor. The back barn doors are a perfect place for a photo op and people love its live edge bar top to place their drinks. 

The top back doors are also completely removable allowing for even more versatility. The Lemon Squeezy Speakeasy can not only host a party as a bar, but also as a dessert bar, to serve pre-made food, to provide cozy, hot drinks or anything you can dream up!   

Equipment included with our full service or bar rental are: 

Extension cord for power hook-up 
Small Vintage Table 
1 water Dispenser 
4 Galvanized Bins


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